Five themes of geography

The five themes of geography provide a framework for understanding geography; they

include location, place, human-environment interaction, movement, and region.


  • Absolute: definite reference to locate a place (latitude/longitude, street address, etc.)
  • Relative: place with respect to its environment and connection to other places


  • human and physical characteristics of a location (mountains, rivers, beaches, etc.)

Human-environment interaction

  • how humans adapt to and modify the environment
  • humans shape the landscape through their interaction (both positive and negative)


  • study of migration and motion (ideas, fads, goods, resources, and communication all travel)


  • divides the world into manageable units for study
  • can be boundaries (cities, states, counties, and countries)

Assignment: Choose a country that you must migrate to with your family. Apply the five themes in order to grasp an understanding of the city/country that you have chosen. Create a media outlet (Pages brochure, poster, etc.) to exhibit your work.

Make sure to think about the following aspects:

 • ability to support your family

 • climate of the region

 • standard of living

 • education

Use the LibGuide as a resource


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