Language Arts midterm review

1. Memorize the 50 vocabulary words from The Good Earth. I recommend that you set up a quizlet account in order for quick memorization. You will find these words and definitions on your email account.

2. The section of comprehension on the Good Earth section of the exam will be similar to what you had on the previous test. The comprehension questions will be made up of 30 multiple choice and 15 True or False questions.Feel free to read the online Spark Notes or check out a copy of the novel from your teacher. Please also know the following characters by name and description. You will find the descriptions for each to be less difficult on the exam  than on the original test:

  • Wang Lung
  • O-lan
  • Cuckoo
  • Pear Blossom
  • Nung Wen
  • Lotus
  • Nung En
  • Lord Hwang
  • Ching
  • Wang Lung’s uncle

3. Be prepared to write at least one descriptive essay on O-Lan in The Good Earth. This is to be a comprehensive character analysis.

4. Commas – take a look back in your skills book and use the packet given to you as practice


Good Earth character list

Good Earth Vocabulary Review

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