Exporting trip pictures


Now that you have collected quite a few pictures from our trip, now you need to figure out what to do with them.

Follow the steps below in order to share all pictures with your Yangshuo group.

  1. Upload all pictures from the trip to iPhoto
  2. Create a folder (on your desktop) labeled first initial then last name (example: chalula pics_Yangshuo 2014)
  3. In iPhoto click on “photos” so that every single photo in your library is showing
  4. Click on all photos that you wish to your with your group
  5. Go up to “file” then scroll down to “export”
  6. For JPEG quality put “high”
  7. For “file name” select “sequential”
    1. for “prefix for sequential” type in your first name then last name (example: careyhalula)
  8. Then click on “export”
  9. From here select the folder that you just created (on your desktop) and have all photos sent here.
  10. Once finished go to the server and drop your folder into your Yangshuo group folder

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