Nanjing Holocaust museum

Trip details:

Leave Wednesday, March 27th / Return Thursday, March 28th

  • Be at school early for bus to leave at 8am (be at school at 7:30am)

Arrive back at school around 3pm on Thursday

What to bring:

  • Healthy snacks for the day
  • Backpack with one days worth of clothes (school uniform)
  • Umbrella (depending on forecast)
  • Trip packet/assignment
  • RMB for all meals on trip (two meals Wednesday, two on Thursday)




As one of the top three massacres during World War II, over 300, 000 Chinese civilians and disarmed soldiers were killed and thousands of houses were ruined by Japanese aggressors during the six weeks of bloodshed and looting, leaving the city in almost total devastation.

“Our aim is to make more people, especially the youth, acquainted with the history of the Chinese people to fight against Japanese aggressors, the significance of which is invaluable,” said Luo Zhijun, secretary of the Nanjing City Committee of the CPC. (



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