Children’s Storybook

As a way of creating unity across school divisions, it will be your job to create a book catered for a student between the ages of 5-8. Although there are a great deal of ways to create a book of your own, we are going to make this as simple as possible.

Preliminary work should be done in notebooks. This includes creating / developing the story while hashing out what the characters may look like. Everything else should be saved and copied into you individual Google RSB folders (shared with me).

Due dates:

  • Friday, March 29th – choose a topic to research / write about
  • Wednesday, April 10th – research, research, research (put everything into your shared Google folder)
  • Friday, April 12th – Create / develop the main ideas of your story (characters, setting,  plot, etc.)
  • Tuesday, April 16th – Main ideas of story nearly complete
  • Thursday, April 18th – Start to create / borrow ideas for what your characters will look like (Design mode)
  • Monday, April 22nd – Continue with Design Mode
  • Wednesday, April 25th – Continue Design Mode