New Deal program project


From among the New Deal programs below, create a page on your website that includes the following:

  • Written portion (2 paragraphs)
    • when it was founded
    • purpose of the program
    • number of people is had a large impact on
    • Is it still around?
    • Overall reflection on the program
  • Pictures of this program in action
  • Create a table (to be displayed on the page) that shows how this helped out the economy and/or the people during this time
  • Make a Keynote (5 slides long) that will be informative
    • to be turned into a movie (mp4) and embedded on your page

Assigned programs:

CCC – Manfred, Emily Z., Daniel, Elisabeth

AAA – Daniel, Sophia, Everett, Travis

FERA – Kai Qi, Vivian, Darren, Angela

TVA – Joseph, Jason,  Sean, Tim

FDIC – Emily H., George, Anneke, Benjamin

FHA – Jeremy, Samuel, May

SEC – Camila, Peyton, Sophie

WPA – Rachel, Elena, Jacob

NRA – Charlie, Cassidy. Nikhail

NYA – Hui, Michael, Peter

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