Part three

Descriptive Writing Part Three

How would you describe this person?

Now that you totally get it when it comes to descriptive writing, we are going to write a creative story or a descriptive essay on a person.

This piece of writing should be at least 750 words long.

We will use  our Write Source book for help.

Your essay will need a beginning paragraph, middle paragraphs and an ending paragraph.

Use this story guide and template for help.

Even more help can be found here.

What do I do when I finish?

  1. Send the final version to me in an email
  2. Head to this website:
  3. Copy and paste the text of your essay into this site
  4. Insert image from this website onto your blog
  5. Copy and paste the essay onto your blog too.  The same blog post in fact.
  6. Smile, you are done!

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