Political cartoon project







The project:

  • Either black/white or with color
  • Message must be multifaceted and typed on a separate piece of paper
  • Must be an original thought/message
  • Written: detailed description of what your cartoon is portraying
  • Will be shown on the screen outside Mrs. Raatz’s/Mr. Lambert’s room and possibly sent as part of a competition.
  • Rubric

Exporting/turning in cartoon

  • Finish your cartoon (name, year in the lower right)
  • Take a photo of your cartoon and upload to computer
  • Make sure it is easily visible and rotated correctly
  • Save this as a pdf file (save as: YourLastName_FirstName_HumanitiesTeacherBC/EF)
  • Drop into the Google folder here

Due date: Friday, October 14th

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