WWII Heroes/Villains project


For this project you will researching a leader from either the Allied or Axis side of the war. From here your group will be creating a documentary by following these restrictions:

  • Background of leader (pre-WWII)
  • History of their country’s involvement pre-WWII
  • Leader’s involvement in the war
  • Leader’s outcome of the war

In researching for the project you must have the following:

  • Four sources must be from our WWII LibGuide
  • Two sources from books located in the library
  • Classroom textbook

Documentary should consist of the following.

  • between 2-3 minutes
  • include video (historical footage)
  • All voice-overs/audio must be of your group
  • Citing (MLA format) printed up and turned into teacher

Leaders to be assigned:

Roosevelt/Truman (USA)

Churchill (Britain)

De Gaulle (France)

Stalin (Russia)

Hitler (Germany)

Mussolini (Italy)

Hirohito (Japan)

Chiang Kai Shek (China)

Tojo (Japan)

Mao Zedong (China)


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