Current Civil Rights Project

A civil right is defined as “the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.” When people discuss civil rights the focus is nearly always on the struggle for African Americans in the mid-1950s. However, it is important to know that the world is struggling to guarantee these same freedoms to people today.

Just some of the struggles today include the following:

  • Immigration
  • Education
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Disabilities
  • Age

Below are expectations for this project.

  1. Choose a current topic to research and present.
  2. Research, research, research. (make sure to cite as you accumulate information)
  3. Choose your presentation outlet. This will be done individually.
    1. Pecha Kucha (20 slides by 20 seconds each)
    2. Documentary (five minutes maximum)
    3. Infographic (to be printed by the school copy center)
  4. Included in each project:
    1. Data analysis
    2. A “story within a story”
    3. Reflect on the history of the struggle
    4. Action plan: what can be done to achieve success in the future?
    5. Interview / quotes from experts
  5. Present your topic to the class

Timeline for due dates:

  • Wednesday, April 12th (email your humanities teacher your topic)
  • Monday, April 17th (research concluded and presentation outlet chosen)
  • Wednesday, April 19th (project plan articulated to teacher)
  • Tuesday, April 25th (presentations begin)

Rubric for project here