Chapter 6 text: WWI and Beyond


Section 1: From Neutrality to War

Terms/People to know: militarism, Francis Ferdinand, William II, casualty, U-boat, Lusitania


  1. Why did a stalemate develop on the Western front?
  2. Why did some Americans not want to enter the war?
  3. Why did the US decide the enter the war and fight on the side of the Allies?


Section 2: The Home Front

Terms/People to know: Selective Service Act, Bernard Baruch, CPI, George Creel, conscientious objector, Espionage Act, Great Migration


  1. In what ways did America support the war?
  2. How did some men evade the draft?
  3. How do you think returning soldiers reacted to changes at home when the war ended?


Section 3: Wilson, War, and Peace

Terms/People to know: convoy, Fourteen Points, self-determination, League of Nations, Henry Cabot Lodge, reparations, “irreconcilables”, “reservationists”


  1. Describe America’s contributions to the Allied war effort.
  2. What was the League of Nations?
  3. Why did the US Senate ultimately reject the peace treaty and the League of Nations?


Section 4: Effects of the War

Terms/People to know: influenza, inflation, Red Scare, Palmer Raids, Nicola Sacco, Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Warren G, Harding


  1. How did the influenza pandemic make the transition from war to peace more difficult?
  2. Why did Warren Harding win the presidential election?
  3. How did Americans both reject and embrace the new global influence of the US?

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