Battle webpage project midway

WWII contains a vast number of battles located all over the world.

You job is to:

  1. Choose a battle from WWII
  2. research it fully (while keeping your citations organized)

Included on your webpage

  • four historic photos (each with captions)
  • four sentence sum-up of the battle (countries involved, battle over what?)
  • one-minute video clip (from YouTube, etc.)
  • eyewitness account (taken from written/video testimony – summed up in your own words)
  • map of the area with description underneath pic – be comprehensive)
  • Importance (ten sentence write-up on the importance of this battle – Why was it fought? Who was victorious?)

Graded on:

  • Organization of site – 10 points
  • Content – 30 points (relevant to battle, appropriate, informative)
  • Citing (MLA format of everything except photos) – 10 points
  • TOTAL  – 50 points

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