Writing exemplars

Descriptive Writing #1 Exemplars

Sample # 1

It was cutting towards dawn as the sun peeked over the hills with uncertainty. The heat of the bright sun shone upon the newly fallen snow from the previous night. The night was as dark as the bottom of the ocean. The cold wind thrashing the enormous trees around as if they were as delicate as a feather. Even the big animals like bears cowered away into their caves from the stingy wind. This morning the cold air was refreshing and nipped at your skin. The air was so clean that the deep breathes you took were so crisp and breathtaking.

The trees were covered by a thin blanket of snow like a kid on Christmas eve. A herd of Bison pass by, traveling east, towards the sun. Their footprints sinking deep into the soft, fluffy snow. A bison stops by water as clear as glass. It looks into the water as if looking at its own reflection, a big, furry, and tough animal. Its fur was as dark as soil sodden in winter rains. It tests the waters temperature by dipping its nose into the water. It pulls back as if it was whipped. It moves on but looks back as if having second thoughts of going back and actually drinking the water that was as cold as the snow on the ground itself.

The sun now was towering over the hills and trees, making them seem like the smallest things in the frozen land before them. The snow below the feet of the bison are starting to melt making it look like slush, as the sun slowly moves further up into the sky. The snow on the trees start melting to, reliving the branches of the weight.

Sample # 2

The bone-freezing wind blew through the hills, all covered up with white snow. Listen to the sound of the nature and smell it. The cold winter has calmed down the living animals and plants. The only thing than can be heard is Bison’s deep breathing, heavy steps and the leaves touching together as the wind blows. Among the snowy trees, an unexpected visitor arrived to this peaceful land. The Bison traveled all the way down to here for food, but the cold weather delayed him that ruined his plan to get something to eat before the long winter. Only one tree that is shining through the darkness greeted him. The river he needed to cross over and drink was icy cold with no fishes moving along with the flow of water like it expected there to be.

It took a deep breath and the warm air that was traveling around his body was released to this cold area. The region got bigger and bigger as the lung moved faster than necessary. The warmth coming out and the coolness filling up the whole body gained the Bison new power to move on its journey.

Now, the Bison wasn’t afraid of the cold weather facing it. He looked at the lonely pebble just above the surface of water. The weather was freezing, but the gloring sunlight gave it warmth. Darkness exists, but the light also exists, so the Bison couldn’t give up one tiny flash of light. The smile began to spread across Bison’s face just like the light glowing on the surface of water. The beginning.

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