Metro Madness


A quick explanation as to what our Metro Madness entails. The entire eighth grade class is split-up into approximately eighteen groups of five students each. Each group of five has one parent volunteer that follows them throughout Shanghai as they attempt to answer various questions and take specific pictures of landmarks around the city.

Students will have written a detailed plan that you will get a copy of. It will consist of the locations they plan on seeing along with the Metro stops needed in order to get there. Teachers will be scattered throughout the city during this time. If a group is able to find a teacher the group then needs to perform their jingle for additional points added to their total sum. Many questions require a photo to be taken so each group needs to plan on having at least one camera.

Your job is to follow them around, offer no assistance and provide help in case of any emergency. In case of emergency, the group of three students and yourself would call a teacher on their cell phone and take a taxi back to school. Plan on bringing a lunch as students and their parent leader are to have their meal when on this journey. One-half an hour is required for lunch with an additional two five-minute breaks (one before and after lunch). The entire day starts off at the Lantian Lu metro stop and ends here too. This event takes just about the entire day so planning on being at school around 7:30am and arriving back at school between 2:30-2:45 is the norm.

Parents should plan on arriving at Concordia at 7:30am for a quick meeting along with if there are any questions that need to be asked by the volunteers. The meeting will be located in Mr. Halula’s classroom P232. From here we leave around 8:45 to head to the Lantian Lu Metro station. All groups must be back at school between 2:30 and 2:45 and check in with the teachers. Groups that are late will be penalized points. From here attendance is taken and Metro cards are collected. All buses need to be back at school at 2:30.

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