Service Learning Artwork

“Student Voice”

This is the theme that will be guiding us as we look to create an original piece of artwork. The intent is to spread awareness through this service opportunity.

The Details (from the NY Times)

Your task: Create an illustration that depicts the concept of “student voice.”

Please keep in mind that we are not looking for images that depict just one issue (say, for example, gun control), but, instead, would like illustrations that focus on the broad idea that teenagers are interested in, affected by, and want a say about a range of issues.

As for what that range of issues could be, here are some of the topics that were most written about for our editorial contest. Though we haven’t chosen winners yet and thus can’t share with you any of the essays themselves, we encourage you to let this range inspire your work:

• gender equality

• immigration

• social media

• student activism

• gun control

• standardized testing

• the college process

• the Trump administration’s environmental policies

• criminal justice reform

• voting rights and lowering the voting age


The technical and logistical details:

• You can draw or paint, by hand or with the assistance of a digital program such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, Macromedia Freehand, CorelDraw or another graphics editing program.

• Your RBG or black and white images should be sent as jpegs at 300 dpi.

• If you use words in your piece, please make sure they are in black so they show up well in print.

• You are welcome to send more than one submission.

Examples for the web: