Literary magazine


We will be publishing a literary magazine

Each team of four will consist of students that have a talent for:

  • understands/knows illustrator
  • editor/writer (2)
  • artistic ability

On your pages you should have:

  1. 2-3 stories/writings (written in third person)
  2. art work  (photos with color)

Your writing (articles) need to include:

  1. Title
  2. Lead sentence
  3. 5w’s of journalism writing
  4. Transitions
  5. Written in third person
  6. Background
  7. Elaboration

Awards will be distributed for best overall:

  1. Story
  2. Layout/design
  3. Photo(s)

Due March 1st

Will be scored on:

  • meets deadline
  • works as a team
  • articles well-written (editing)
  • creative (what sets your pages apart from others?)
  • use of space (well constructed or thrown together?)

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