Child Labor

Child Labor

Child Labor Is Still Found Today

Child labor was a serious issue during the industrial age in the United States.  In fact, child labor is still a problem in many parts of the world.

Working on your own, create a narration that will introduce the video below.  You may use any section of the video for your pictures.

Your narration should include a descriptive explanation of the issues faced by children working in a factory, mine, etc.


  1. Watch the video and brainstorm some descriptions
  2. Post them here.
  3. Download the video here.
  4. Open GarageBand
    1. Select new podcast
  5. Drag the movie into GarageBand
  6. Change or keep the soundtrack
  7. Add you narration.  Use the brainstormed words and descriptions for help.
  8. Export it
  9. Upload to Phoenix Video
  10. Embed it on your blog
  11. You rock!

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