Chapter 10: The Coming of War

The Coming of War (1931-1942)


Section 1: Dictators and Wars

People/Terms to know: totalitarianism, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, anti-Semitic, Anschluss

Section Questions:

  1. How did World War One contribute to the rise of dictators in Europe?
  2. How did the policy of appeasement encourage aggression?
  3. Why did Hitler defy the League of Nations?


Section 2: From Isolation to Involvement

People/Terms to know: blitzkrieg, Axis Powers, Allies, Winston Churchill, Neutrality Act of 1939, Tripartite Pact, Lend-Lease Act

Section Questions:

  1. Describe the course of World War II in Europe until the end of 1940.
  2. Why did the United States give more and more help to the Allies?
  3. Why was blitzkrieg such a devastating form of warfare?


Section 3: America Enters the War

People/Terms to know: Hideki Tojo, Pearl Harbor, WAC, Douglas MacArthur, Bataan Death March, Battle of Coral Sea

Section Questions:

  1. Was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor a success or failure from the Japanese point of view? Explain.
  2. What role do you think the productive capacity of the United States played in World War II?
  3. What was the root of the conflict between the United States and Japan?

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