How to write a Companion Book

Cover Page

  • create an original cover that could include a photo from the book / movie
  • should have the book title and author’s name along with the words “Companion Book by” and your name


  • brief insight into the book which highlights the plot and setting of the book
  • do not include too much (keep it simple and concise)

Table of Contents

  • listing of all the chapters you created along with page numbers readers can find them
  • always a plus when you can create original titles for each chapter


  • giving the reader a snapshot as to how the story ended
  • feel free to write about your views on the ending and what you may have changed
  • Conclusions gained from the book or
  • Final thoughts, reflections gleaned from creation of companion book or
  • Reasons to read the original story

Character Biography

  • typically written on only one character from the book (can do more)
  • if writing on one, depth shows great insight on you the writer
  • areas to include:
    • upbringing
    • internal / external struggles
    • relationships
    • goals
    • skills / talents


  • determining a theme with text evidence
  • this will include much of your thoughts and/or beliefs
  • website of possible themes here

Character Relationships

  • select two characters and determine what makes what they share special in comparisons to other couples
  • in tackling only one relationship, you allow yourself the opportunity for depth

Fan Fiction

  • is fiction about characters or settings from an original work of fiction, created by fans of that work rather than by its creator


  • when an object or action or person is used to convey a major theme
  • best to tackle one example in order to show depth in your thinking

Author’s Craft

  • the way in which the author proves something
  • His/Her point can be proven with symbols, dialog, and setting

Hidden Meanings

  • exploring various parts of the story and determine whether the author is attempting to have a secondary meaning (dialogue, themes, symbols, etc.)

Hero’s Journey

  • the adventure the main protagonist takes throughout the book
  • internal / external struggles he/she goes through
  • possible relationships / hard aches that take place along the way

What If?

  • asking a specific question about a small section in the book and creating a theory as to what would have happened
  • different from fan fiction in that What If? is chronicling a small section regarding the death of a character, individual choices made, main character attributes

About the Author

  • detailed, comprehensive research on the author
  • should include:
    • name, residence, family
    • number / genre of books written
    • awards won as an author
    • possible motivation for writing the book you read


  • use to create a citing of your sources
  • make sure to cite every image that you use
  • when all citing is complete, make sure to put in alphabetical order by author

Additional ideas:

  1. Create a map of the protagonist’s journey
  2. Fan Fiction
  3. Wardrobe / Fashion of the novel