Digital WorldView


Worldview: the lens with which you view the world; most basic beliefs about the world

Everyone has a variety of lenses with which they look at the world. The combination of these lenses is called your worldview. Worldview is shaped through family, religion, culture, school interactions, media, and exposure to other people. Worldviews can and should change over time as we learn more about our selves and the world around us.

Areas that help us shape/form our individual worldview:

  • religion
  • family
  • society
  • TV
  • movies
  • friends
  • school

Your task:

  1. Reflect on where you are right now
    • What drives you?
    • What shapes your thinking/decision-making?
    • Where do you hope to be? How will you get there?
  2. Looking at the list above, what shapes you? Identify which ones benefit and which ones may be harmful. Make sure to be honest in your reflection.
    • determine your most influential 3-4 areas
    • write one paragraph for each area (150 words)
    • put all together into one WORD file
  3. Determine how you would show your writing visually. What best represents your 3-4 areas in music and pictures?
    • write-up a plan for how this is going to be done
  4. Create a WorldView documentary on YOU
    • You need to have:
      • 3-4 areas represented
      • background music
      • voice-over throughout
      • simple visuals (the less words, the better)
      • 2-3 minute play time
  5. Share your eighth grade WorldView!

Resource: Religion-_worldview

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