Part two

Descriptive Writing Part Two

iMovie is fun!

Take a look at this large list of totally awesome photos.  Choose a bunch of  photos from one national park and save it to your desktop.

Brainstorm a list of words, similes and metaphors that describe the park. Have a friend take a look at your list and offer suggestions.

Write a 250-500 word description of the photo.  Use very few basic descriptions (it was big) and many more metaphors and similes to describe what you see in the photo.

Using iMovie, create a movie where you zoom in and out of your photos while you read your 250-500 word description.  Be sure to have music playing in the background.   Make sure you are using iMovie’s ducking feature.  Export the movie, put it on Phoenix video and embed it in your blog.

Slap yourself on the back for making something awesome!

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