Civil Rights Website project



Webpage with the following tabs

  1. interviews (two interviews video, two interviews written)(blog included)
  2. primary sources
  3. citations
  4. infographics / statistics

Main page with:

  • photos
  • counter-claim

Topics available:

  • Racial profiling
  • Right to privacy:  Is it ok for governments spy on you?
  • Gender equality
  • Taxes (higher tax percentage  from those that earn more)
  • Religious freedoms
  • Worker’s rights
  • Immigration laws/rights (green card available to all those in China)
  • One-child policy (There are 1.3 billion people in China.  The 1-child policy applies.  Should this be worldwide or is this a civil right to have as many children as you want?)

Calendar due dates

In order to make sure that you are working on the webpage up to the due date, the following calendar dates are there to show consistent work up until the due date.

  1. Research acquired – Wednesday, March 26th (websites archived, files saved/organized)
  2. Initial building stages – Wednesday, April 9th (page created, tabs formed)
  3.  Webpage rough draft – Wednesday, April 16th (Items posted, interviews completed, tabs taking shape)
  4. Peer edit/revising – Monday, April 21st (hints/suggestions from classmates)

Webpage rubric

Due date: Wednesday, April 23rd

Website exemplars:

Debate and Diplomacy: Panama Canal Treaties

A Debate Distilled: The Consequences of Prohibition and the Volstead Act

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the Battle over Hetch Hetchy

Debate, Diplomacy, and Free Speech: The Skokie Case

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