Civil Rights WebQuest

Answer the questions below by going to the web sites. You may need to go to additional sites for some of the questions. Make sure to answer each question in complete sentences and be comprehensive.  Turn in your completed questions when finished. You may work with a partner on this WebQuest.

Sites to assist:






(Thank you, Ella!)


Brown v. the Board of Education

In what year did the famous Brown v. the Board of Education lawsuit begin?

In what case previous to this was it ruled that it was OK for black and white students to be “separate but equal”? When was this case ruled?

When did the case finally end? What was the decision and what was the vote tally of the Supreme Court judges?

Rosa Parks

What did blacks have to be able to do to register to vote?

How long did the Montgomery Bus Boycott last?

When did the US Supreme Court rule that bus segregation was unconstitutional?

Medgar Evers

Why was Evers assassinated?

Who was his killer?

How long did it take to convict his killer? Why?

When was the killer finally convicted?


Malcolm X

Of what was Malcolm’s father the president?

What did Malcolm learn about in prison?

When was he assassinated? By whom?

President John F. Kennedy

How many blacks did Kennedy appoint to various positions during his presidency?

What did Kennedy promise in his inaugural address?

What major piece of legislature did Kennedy try to enact?


What were the “freedom rides”?

Who were the “Little Rock Nine”?

Go to the Games part of this site and play the Free at Last quiz game – What was your score?

What was the most important song of the civil right movement?

By whom was it written?

What is the most famous song of the movement?

What is being said in the above song?

What song did Bob Dylan sing in 1963 for the March on Washington?

Why was Emmet Till murdered?

What happened to his killers?

For what is James Meredith famous?

What was “Project C?”

What was the purpose of the 1963 March on Washington?

What happened on September 15, 1965 in Birmingham, AL?

How did the FBI respond to the above?

What was the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

What did this law accomplish?

Is this law followed today?


Site: Civil Rights Movement, The (Informational Paper)

Find two more important figures from the Civil Rights Movement, write their names here.

Person 1: what did they do that was important to the Civil Rights Movement?

Person 2: what did they do that was important to the Civil Rights Movement?

Find one more important event from the Civil Rights Movement. Write it here:

Event: What was this event and why was it important to the Civil Rights Movement?


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