Yangshuo iBook project


You will be using iBook Author to create a photo book but using Word to enter all of your narratives. From here you will copy and paste everything into iBook Author.

Your project will need the following pages.

  • Open up a new WORD notebook and do all of your writing here
  • Each entry is to be a time of reflection. It should be a small snapshot of a moment or activity.
  • Introduction/Conclusion (reflection before and after trip)
  • 4 entries ( activities, traveling, hotel stay, free time, etc.)
  • Minimum of one photo needed for each entry (you can also have a photo page)
  • 250 word (maximum) journal entry per day
  • Utilize descriptive elements in your writing (vivid colors, tastes, smells, scenery)
  • Exported in pdf or iba form.

Your final project needs to be turned in on Friday, October 23rd and exported as a pdf file.

Possible writing prompts:

1. Describe how you felt throughout the time before the trip.
2. Describe a moment at the train station or airport that had an affect on you.
3. Describe a situation or moment with one of the teachers to write about.
4. Describe a situation when you made a new friend on the trip.
5. Describe a moment with your counselor that spoke to you
6. Reflect on the end of the trip and the ride home. What were your thoughts?


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