Four Gospels group project








You will be put into groups of either three or four

  • Assign a Gospel for each member in the group
  • Read through your given book and take notes
  • Make sure you are able to access your school WordPress website

Requirements / Ideas for your individual web pages

  1. Name your page appropriately
  2. Have a picture of the author
  3. Questions to ponder / answer
    1. What is the purpose?
    2. How can others gain purposeful application?
    3. What is the main purpose/theme?
    4. What do you consider to be the greatest takeaways?
  4. List 3-4 of the most influential verses
  5. Include a bullet point list of information
  6. Where can one find a message of “hope”?
  7. Creative outlets:
    1. Photos
    2. Videos
    3. Commentaries (video / audio / text)
    4. Whatever may set your group apart