High School Interim

Dear parents,

While it is only April, plans are fully in motion for the highly anticipated week of Interim—Sept. 20-26, 2013! Interim provides Concordia students with unique opportunities to learn about China and oneself—as well as build relationships with other Concordia students and local people from various provinces. Culture, service, and adventure are combined during this week of educational travel.

On Tuesday, April 16 your son or daughter will attend an informational session in the morning, together with G9-G11 students regarding 2013 Interim. New and updated Interim courses will be highlighted as well as basic information about all Interim courses, and review of the registration process. Following the session, each student will receive a 2013 Interim selection guide from his or her homeroom teacher.

Please review the Interim selection guide with your child. Twenty courses are being offered; each student may select four courses of highest interest. Please note that the courses differ in itinerary, location, and physical challenge. Some courses require a supplemental fee, in addition to the base Interim cost that is billed with Semester 1 tuition. Students will be placed on one of the four selected courses, indicated on the selection form.

By Monday April 22, the Interim selection form should be turned in to the HS office. Every form requires both the student’s signature as well as a parent signature.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Karin.Semler@concordiashanghai.org).

Kind regards, Karin

High School Interim

Concordia students enjoy the annual opportunity to experience their host country through Interim. Mid-April, G8 students will have the opportunity to make a selection of their four favorite Interim courses. Concordia HS will be running 20 Interim courses during the week of Sept. 20-26. Sept. 27 is a required school day; students are expected to attend the Interim debrief and celebration this day.

All HS students are provided the opportunity to select the courses of highest interest. All choices will be viewed with equal weight, with the goal of mixing male and female G9-G12 students. Your child will bring home a printed selection guide, that includes a tear-out selection sheet, which must be turned in with both parent and student signatures, to the HS office. Please take time to thoroughly read through the materials, which include program details and highlights.

Interim provides students the opportunity to get to know our host culture as well as providing students with the backdrop for gaining self-knowledge, forming new friendships, challenging pre-conceived ideas, and putting the needs of others before oneself. Concordia offers students a wide variety of courses, which include culture, service, and adventure.

Watch for further communication about 2013 Interim in the coming weeks.

-Karin Semler, Director of Student Life

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