RSB: Word Choice

As we start to conclude our time in RSB, it is time for you to choose a word that has/had a great impact on you thus far in your social / academic / spiritual life. This word MUST NOT be a part of our RSB wheel.

In class we will be choosing these words one by one. Each student must have their own word that they will be both researching and presenting.

Such words could be innovative, passionate, caring, reflective, etc.

You will be responsible for researching / presenting:

  • Your word along with definition.
  • Reason behind choosing this word.
  • Visuals to go along with the impact of your word.
  • How is this word relevant / important to today’s society.
  • How does this word create depth in your world?
  • Draw (no tech) your best representation of this word. (take a picture and add to presentation)
  • Find a short video clip that brings this word to life.

Your presentation should be organized into a PowerPoint / Keynote. There is no minimum / maximum number of slides.

Questions? Ask!