Espionage activity


Your job is to smuggle the following confidential data through a border patrol to share with your intelligence agency.

The data you will be smuggling consists of the questions and answers from below. Everything must be handwritten on a piece of paper. You will then hide it somewhere on yourself using only items that you typically bring to school. More information will be given to you as we discuss this in school. Good luck!

You will have the following available to you for smuggling your confidential data:

  • backpack
  • one notebook
  • one textbook
  • one pencil case (size of a notebook)
  • one mystery item (size of a notebook, nothing electronic)
  • no digital/tech devices
  • the data must not be on you

Questions / Trivia (write down both the question and answer on your given sheet)

  1. Treaty between the USSR and allies
  2. The “H” in H-bomb
  3. Author of “Nineteen Eighty-Four”
  4. US plan to rebuild Europe after WWII
  5. Theory of toppling countries that led to American intervention in Vietnam
  6. What was “mutually assured” in the event of a nuclear war
  7. Communist leader of Cuba (just recently passed away)
  8. 1962 nuclear stand-off
  9. Wall built in 1961
  10. Famous crossing from question number 9
  11. U.S. Secretary of State (1973-77)
  12. The term “__________” does not mean poor, it refers to a country which was not aligned with either America/First World or Soviet/Second World during the Cold War.
  13. The term “_______” was first invented by George Orwell, author of the book satirizing Stalinism, “Animal Farm”.
  14. During the Cold War, the CIA launched “___________” in which cats were surgically implanted with bugging devices to eavesdrop on Soviet conversations, after all who would suspect a cat of wearing a wire.
  15. Utilizing the six characteristics of a cold war, show how your cold war meets this criteria.
  16. Draw the map of the Iron Curtain from 1945-55. (see below)

1945/55 Europe Iron Curtain

17. Our undercover agent in the USSR managed to snap this photo of Josef Stalin’s funeral and smuggle it past Checkpoint Charlie into NATO hands. Help us to understand Stalin’s trusted inner circle by labeling this photograph with the names of Stalin’s pallbearers and explaining their positions in Stalin’s Soviet Union.